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Scleral Lens

Posted on: May 26th, 2009 by A. Daphne

The Scleral LenseScleral Contact Lenses hold a tear reservoir, which can help patients in two ways.  First,  it is able to  mask irregularities of the cornea improving vision even when glasses and soft contact lenses can’t.  The second way, and one that is unique to scleral lenses, is that the reservoir provides a therapeutic effect by continually bathing the cornea.  Here is a photograph of a cross section of a scleral lens on a patient’s  eye.  The liquid reservoir has been highlighted with a green dye for photographic and observational purposes.  Normally the reservoir is clear.  To the left of the reservoir is the cross section of the scleral lens and to the right of the reservoir is the cross section of the cornea.





Welcome to The Scleral Lens Center!

Posted on: April 30th, 2009 by A. Daphne


I will update this blog regularly with information concerning scleral contact lenses and anterior segment disorders.  Please email at if you have questions or issues you would like for me to address.  Please let me know if I can post your inquiry and my response on the blog so this information can be shared. 

Last night I hosted the first central ohio Keratoconus support group meeting.  It was well attended and we received a lot of positive feedback. 

Dr. Curt Kelley gave an overview of KC. Dr. Carrie Lembach lectured on modern medical management strategies for KC. I presented information about contact lens designs and options available for KC.

I will schedule a follow up meeting for sometime this summer.  The next gathering will focus on patient’s experiences living with keratoconus.

Thank you to The National Keratoconus Foundation and Essilor for their sponsorship and support.

Greg DeNaeyer OD