Wavefront corrected scleral lenses

Wavefront corrected scleral lenses I’m now able to offer patients highly customized optics in the form of wavefront correction to improve visual acuity for eyes that have residual higher order …


Check out my latest article in Optometric Management: Manage Ocular Surface Disease (Dry Eye) with Contact Lenses

Scleral shape article

Check out my latest article in Contact Lens Spectrum: Scleral Shape and Its Application For Scleral Lens Fitting


I am now fitting the Latitude scleral lens, which is a free-form completely customized scleral contact lens designed from sMap3D corneo-scleral topography measurements. The Latitude lens is uniquely designed to fit …


During November I had the opportunity to speak to eye care practitioners in Buenos Aires Argentina about fitting scleral contact lenses.


During September I had the chance to speak with some of the best scleral lens fitters in the world for the European Contact Lens Society of Ophthalmologist held in Mandelieu …


I had the opportunity to lecture at the Italian Scleral Lens society. Many of the foremost scleral lens experts in the world attended. Rome Italy

SSSG- Qualtitative Shape

The Scleral Shape Study Group- An international panel of experts on scleral shape, which includes: Greg DeNaeyer, Don Sanders, Eef van der Worp, Jason Jedlicka, Langis Michaud, and Sheila Morrison- recently published …

BCLA/ISCLS meetings

I had the chance to lecture on new research that we are investigating regarding scleral shape in Scotland and England this last month. It was insightful to discuss scleral lenses with my international colleagues.